A bilingual French-English school in Rawai: the Jean de la Fontaine School

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Ecole Jean de la Fontaine

Rawai is expanding, with new building projects to accommodate expatriate families moving to Phuket.

The French-speaking community will be able to benefit from an on-site school: the Jean de la Fontaine school.

This bilingual French-English school in Rawai has a unique pedagogical approach. It offers an educational experience that encourages children to become fully involved in their own learning. Children are encouraged to take initiative, develop self-confidence and achieve their full potential in a caring and respectful environment. Each child is unique and deserves an education that allows them to develop at their own pace.

The French programme is reinforced by daily immersion in English with their English-speaking classmates. The children also have the opportunity to take part in sporting, artistic and musical activities with schoolchildren of all nationalities, giving them an international outlook.

The calm, green, human-scale environment is conducive to the children’s harmonious progress, allowing them to flourish in a multicultural context conducive to sharing and constant exchange.

The school is committed to providing an outstanding education that not only stimulates the child’s intellect, but also nurtures their emotional, physical and social well-being.


Whatsapp: +66 93 768 0016




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