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Our company, Tropical Island Services Co.Ltd, offers new and resale properties. We operate mainly in the south of Phuket: Rawai, Yanui and Naiharn.
This part of the island is highly sought-after by tourists and investors alike.

The resale properties are in part properties that have been under exclusive rental management in Phuket.
These are very attractive products for customers whose aim is to make a return on one or more property investments.

For most properties under rental management, we can provide rental income over the past few years.
This invaluable data enables our customers to quickly assess their decision to purchase the property.
Once the property has been acquired, buyers wishing exclusive rental management of the property can also sign a contract with the team in charge.

We can assist buyers in:

– setting up companies (for the purchase of villas or other types of property),

-transferring funds in different currencies


– connecting them with foreign law firms.

We speak French, English and Spanish.


Email: [email protected]

    Whatsapp: +66 61 172 0952

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