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Our company, Tropical Island Services Co.Ltd, offers in part the sale of properties that have been under our exclusive rental management in Phuket.
These are very attractive products for clients who want to make a profit from their investment properties.

For most of the properties, we do have past years rental performances figures to demonstrate the profitability which is a key point in order to help positively any buyer on his/her decision.
This valuable data allows our clients to quickly evaluate their decision to purchase the property.
Once the property has been acquired, our specialised rental management and property maintenance branch will be available to clients who wish to have exclusive rental management of the property. In addition, we can assist buyers in the process of setting up companies in Thailand (for the purchase of villas or other types of property).

Among our services, we also offer our expertise in decoration changes or certain renovations.
Our clients can request our intervention in:

– maintenance and renovation of swimming pools
– installation of exclusive products on the market such as True Pool and Pura View
– interior and exterior work on houses.

Our Team in Phuket


Esmeralda P. Torres
Investissements & Sales Director

[email protected]

Bruno Barone
Senior Advisor / Rental Management & Renovation

[email protected]

Maya Chou Executive assistant

Maya Chou
Executive Assistant

[email protected]

Pen Pitchaya Head of Accounting

Pen Pitchaya
Head Accountant

[email protected]

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